About Us

Kevin Griswold, CEO

My name is Kevin Griswold. I founded Griswold Roofing to provide the Wichita Region with reliable roofing services. More than that, I wanted to give my hometown access to quality, 1-on-1 customer service in the Construction & Contracting market.

I was brought up in an Engineering family, and even with jobs lined up and the education to enter that industry, I wanted to work hands-on with people.The shift from Engineering to Contracting has been seamless. Since I was a child, I have always been interested in anything mechanical. Instead of focusing this passion towards a career in engineering, I decided to study construction materials and methods, in order to create a high quality home.

Now as a licensed and insured Class C Residential Contractor, Griswold Roofing, as well as Griswold Property Solutions takes me all over my hometown. I get to meet, serve, and collaborate with the city that shaped me into the contractor I am today.

Kevin on the Deck
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