Xactimate and How it Can Help You

Xactimate is a software program, initially developed for insurance companies. With Xactimate, an adjuster or contractor can get a rough estimate for various home repairs and property projects. It’s basically the insurance bible on what your repairs will cost and it has an index for pricing out everything, line item by line item.

How Xactimate works for the insurance adjuster: when an adjuster is called out to your home because of a claim, they will check everything related to the event. Anything from walls, floors, windows, appliances and even personal belongings can be either found or manually accounted for. Once the adjuster is done assessing all of the losses, they will either leave or spend time on site filling out the Xactimate report. Whether they leave or stay is totally up to them. Once it is complete, they will either give it to you in person or mail it out the following week. Be patient, they handle lots of claims and typically they travel away from home to come and help us.

How Xactimate works for contractors: Xactimate and insurance claim paperwork can either be a blessing or a curse, it just matters how well informed you are. For us, insurance scopes and programs like Xactimate are a saving grace. Specifically, when a customer needs a new roof, there are various items going into that roof. It’s easy for someone who is working long hours in the heat to leave something off or miss a line item. That’s where we come in. For example, on a scope, the drip edge may have been left off. It’s the metal trim that covers all edges of your roof and helps support and keep the edges dry and healthy. Prices change throughout the year, but $1.74 a linear foot is a safe number. Bob’s roof has a perimeter measurement of 220 linear feet. That’s $382.80. The best part? There’s nothing to argue with insurance about. It’s the same software, so it gets settled quickly.

There are many reasons why it’s better for you and your roofing company to utilize Xactimate to your advantage. Another example, suppose your home gets hailed out in May and you wait until the coming fall to do the project, yet roofers bids are all higher than your scope. Did insurance short you? Are the roofers too proud? No. It could be as simple as your scope was written based on May industry pricing. When we have the right tools to build a legitimate supplement to your claim, we can help you get the money to get your roof done right.

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