How Long Does a New Home Roof Take?

This question is always top of mind. Homeowners want to know how long a project will take so they can get back to everyday living.

Things to consider:

- How many squares? A square is 100 square feet, and the average roof is between 25-30 squares.
- Roof access. How easily can the yard be cleaned? Do you have standard landscaping or a fence to navigate around? Not all yards are the same.
- Pitch/Slope of your roof determines ease or difficulty. It may also require different roofing practices and material.
- Number of layers removed. On rare occasion, some roofs have 2 or more layers and they take additional time and trips to the dump to dispose of.
- Roof type. It is a hip roof? Is it a gable roof? Combination and chopped up roofs with varying pitches will definitely add time.
- Roof material. As mentioned before, different materials or even brands of shingles can install faster or slower based on several factors

Most modern homes are 5/12 or 6/12 pitch, which means for every 12 feet, the roof rises 5 or 6 feet respectively. They are typically gable or hip style, and assuming it doesn’t have poor access, a 25-30 square roof can be completed in a day with a 6-man crew of professionals.

Generally speaking most roofs take one or two days to complete.
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