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Our team takes pride in helping customers navigate their way through the stressful times resolving a leaky roof, or the weeks following a hail storm. Our expertise handling insurance claims from beginning to end, as well as, dealing with any supplementation necessary to get your roof done right. A team member will help you turn a difficult mess into a simple and straightforward process. This will leave you feeling confident in your home’s protection from the elements for many years to come. To ensure this, we offer a 5 year workmanship warranty on all of our services.

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Metal Roofing

How expensive is metal roofing?

If you’re considering metal roofing, you should expect a considerable investment. It can cost 40-60% more than traditional asphalt roofing. Low bids tend to flip that “6” to a “9” and leave you with a roof that’s more susceptible to damage. If you want commercial grade agricultural steel, expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $550 a square. If you want standing seam without visible fasteners, the cost can vary from $600-$800 a square.

What about oil “canning” with metal roofing?
In the past, manufacturers made panels with fewer creases or bends in the sections between seams. This allowed the metal to shift more with expansion and contraction. We use Central States Manufacturing for our steel. One of the many reasons is they put creases down the long runs of the panels to add rigidity, longer life and better aesthetics.


Looking for maximum roof life and storm protection? Metal roofing may be the answer. For lasting beauty and great aesthetic appeal, metal roofs are a sure win.

How do I convert to a metal roof?
This question is typically asked after a storm has come through and destroyed your shingle roof. You’re tired of dealing with the headache and worry that comes with seeing red cell storms on the weather radar. Installing a new metal roof is as simple as removing your old shingles, inspecting your roof deck for good heath, installing new moisture barrier and going back on with metal.

How strong is a metal roof?
For all residential homes, we recommend .26-gauge steel. The difference between .29 and .26 is the difference between Class 4 impact resistance and a dimpled mess when a bad storm hits. The thickness of steel goes up when the gauge goes down, just like wire. The right gauge with an experienced installer will protect your home for decades.

asphalt shingles

How many options in asphalt roofing? Chances are your home has asphalt shingles, and you know it. That’s not to say they are all the same or made equal. There are many different colors and styles. The most common you see is called “architectural”, shown in the picture above. There are also the three tab (lower end, builder grade) and the shake-look shingles (high-end, designer). What about stronger shingles? Historically speaking, asphalt shingles used to be consistent in how they were made. Today and ever since the innovation of the “class 4” designation, shingle manufacturers have been taking steps to help their products weather the storm better. Some insurance companies give discounts while others do not. Our experience is in the claims side and not in the policy writing side, therefore we can not make claims regarding one insurance company vs another. We get updates just as homeowners do regarding discount rates and offerings.  

How many layers can I have of asphalt shingles?
It really comes down to the local codes that have been adopted in your area. As company policy dictates, we will always check and determine the current number of layers, but we will not install more than one. While it was once more common, it is not a preferred practice to install more than one layer of asphalt shingles. If your home happens to have more than one layer, we feel very strongly that removing all layers and giving you a thorough deck inspection will help your home in the long run. After all, we stand behind our work.

When do I need a new asphalt roof?
There could be a few reasons why you need our services. Your roof could be nearing the end of it’s life, OR you and your neighbors have just experienced a hail storm. Don’t worry. There are specific guidelines to follow when this happens and we work with insurance companies like yours and know what they are looking for. Pictured below is a hail hit. In the wake of a storm, we know what to look for before you file a claim. If the damage doesn’t meet or exceed insurance requirements, you’re in the clear! In rare cases, it can be borderline and we will recommend you reinspect in a year.

If you DO have damage, we can help you navigate the claim and help you repair your roof and other damages to your home. Most roofing companies repair roofs and gutters. We have the capacity to help you get everything that may have been damaged repaired in your claim.

Call us today for a quote and we can help you get a roof to last a lifetime!


While many contractors focus on earning business with bottom bids, Griswold Roofing is never in a race to the bottom. There are 2 types of roofers. Those that are informed and quantity focused, and those that are informed and quality focused. We are the latter. Make no mistake, a roofer selling inferior work knows exactly what they are offering. It’s our mission to give your home the best fighting chance in the adverse conditions of the Midwest.

Research and product testing enables us to bring homeowners the best the industry has to offer. Twenty years’ experience combined with state-of-the-art materials gives your home and family the security and longevity they deserve. Sleep soundly with a quality roof overhaul from Griswold Roofing.

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